BGD Shades of grey, puzzle


Size: 30cm x 47cm, 204pcs
Design: Braća Burazeri


Belgrade, shades of grey

Belgrade is buildings, streets, two rivers and several bridges. Belgrade is history, wars, celebrations and the capital of the country of many champions. Belgrade is grey streets and buildings, murky rivers and dilapidated bridges. Belgrade is expensive cars racing homeless recyclables collectors, monumental buildings and cardboard slums, active nightlife and hot “burek” at 6 in the morning. Belgrade is too big for some, to claustrophobic for others, and just right for many. Belgrade no longer shapes people; we shape Belgrade. We piece it together using parts of our habits, loves and desires. It doesn’t take much for someone to rearrange it, and to make the best picture using the same pieces. This is an opportunity for you to put it together right, at least for a moment. It’s not easy, but it’s fun.

Ivan Tokin


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