DechkoTzar originated in 2001 as a concept by two brothers, both graffiti artists. After making their first sketch of the logo with a marker pen, the story behind the brand evolved effortlessly as a part of Belgrade’s urban landscape.

We started from a classic print T-shirt and continued our search for casual, comfortable and affordable streetwear. From coats and shirts, sweatshirts and lingerie, to posters and caps, Dechkotzar is dedicated to developing original design solutions and a recognizable visual identity.

We think thoroughly about the character of our clothing, the textures and the shades, as well as the delicate manufacturing process. We strive for quality control rather than mass production. We choose our materials carefully and act responsibly to our associates. Being genuine to the people around us is reflected in the trust and confidence they have in our products.

Dechkotzar is unassuming and true to its ideas.